Rule of Thumb:

The best rule of thumb to keep in mind in preparation for a virtual tour/360 video shoot is that the camera can see anything and everything that a person walking around can see. Due to this immersive quality of a virtual tour, the Customer should be very careful to make sure the entire captured area is well presented. The Virtual View Tours production team and any other pre-designated technicians or volunteers should be the only people on site during production. For hard-to-control spaces, Please provide an on-site staff member to assist with keeping people out of the area during the shoot. For your convenience it is our responsibility to conduct our work in an efficient and professional manner. Virtual View Tours is not accountable or responsible for cleaning/moving unwanted objects or unprepared spaces.Please have the location ready upon the arrival of the Virtual View Tours technician by following the below checklist.

**Camera Disclaimer**

Mirrors: Please note that while we do our best to avoid capturing the Matterport camera in mirrors and reflective surfaces, sometimes we cannot completely avoid it. Matterport is a proprietary reality capture system meaning that everything present in a room that can’t be hidden or moved may be seen, and due to technical limitations cannot be removed or corrected in Photoshop after the shoot.

Outdoor use: The Matterport Pro2 3D camera is designed for indoor use. Outdoor scanning in 3D is conditional to direct sunlight & weather conditions. IR and UV light interference causes errors and misalignment. Dawn, dusk, and overcast are the best conditions for outdoor 3D scanning. If a 3D scan cannot be done, 360° panoramic views will be captured instead. If outdoor capture is mandatory for your project, the Leica BLK360 scanner which is designed for large outdoor scanning projects can be used at an additional cost TBD per project.

Thank you.


– Doorways that lead between areas of interest must remain open, all other doorways should be closed.
– Move any staff/owner vehicles from the driveway and park away from the property to be captured.
– Place garbage bins and anything that is not attached in garage/lockup, or out of sight.
– Straighten outdoor furniture.
– Cut grass and remove all weeds from cracks in concrete.
– Ensure that all signage is up-to-date and appropriate.
– Remove any unwanted items.
– If the Virtual View Tours technician is shooting during business hours, make sure that guests are informed and out of the area. 


– Doorways that lead between areas of interest must remain open, all other doorways should be closed.
– Turn ALL inside lights on, including lamps, under counter lights and stove lights.
– Replace any burned out bulbs.
– Open all drapes and blinds on windows with a good view.
– If blinds are down, ensure they are all equally angled open.
– Hide all personal photos, artwork, jewelry or any sensitive items that you don’t want seen.
– Leave doors open to rooms that you’d like part of the virtual tour, and close doors to rooms that you don’t want to be accessed.
– Conceal cords. Unplug them from the wall if needed (except lights).
– Turn all televisions off, or put television to a single image screen.
– Remove any clutter.
– Remove hanging mirrors at the end of hallways, or place tall potted-plants in front of them. This helps keep the camera from being obvious in mirrors when mirrors cannot be avoided. 
Advise us if there are any detached rooms/suites that aren’t accessible from indoors. 


Store all removed items in closets, cabinets or pick an area that won’t be captured during the 360 photography/3D scans. (Be careful when choosing this area since a 3D/360 capture system can see everything within a line-of-sight. Make sure that unwanted items are NOT placed outside of windows.